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With Yue dead (or reincarnated, or whatever), and Suki off fighting in the war, who does Sokka have to turn to? Only his enemy, of course. It's not much less believable than Zutara, and I'm a huge Zutara shipper. (I should make that a rule, no Zutara bashing. But I won't. Because I'm kind of tolerant of other shippings.) But this community is dedicated to the OTP that is Tykka, so there shouldn't be too many other pairings mentioned anyway. Tykka= Ty Lee/Sokka love, and it is awesome in just....well, it's awesome.

1) Why join the community if you hate the shipping? Get lost. We don't want ship bashers here. Go join an I-hate-shipping-Avatar community, okay?
2)Spoilers go under LJ-cuts (although, if you're in this community, you've probably seen 2x08 anyway...)
3) Big pictures and lots of icons also go under LJ-cuts. Please and thank you!
4) DoN't TyPe LiKe ThIs. SrSlY nOt CoOl.
5) Adult content goes under an LJ-cut with a warning. Same goes for any story.

But really, we just want to have a good time and enjoy the love that is Tykka. Have fun!